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Applied NanoFluorescence, LLC (ANF) manufactures and sells state-of-the art optical instruments to detect, characterize, and quantify nanomaterials, especially single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) and other near-infrared fluorophores in bulk samples (e.g. Ag2S and PbS quantum dots). Our analyzers offer the highest sensitivity available plus sophisticated software that automatically deduces and reports detailed sample compositions.

ANF was founded in Houston in 2004 by Professor R. Bruce Weisman of Rice University. Dr. Weisman serves as President. ANF's Chief Scientific Officer is Dr. Sergei M. Bachilo. Weisman and Bachilo are internationally recognized as the pioneering researchers who led the discovery and interpretation of fluorescence spectra from single-walled carbon nanotubes. The products offered by Applied NanoFluorescence embody these scientists' deep expertise in spectroscopic instrumentation and analysis.


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NFM Short-Wave IR Fluorescence Microscope is a specialized optical microscope system custom-designed for imaging the intrinsic short-wave infrared fluorescence of individual SWCNTs. This instrument can be used for studying interactions of pristine SWCNTs with cells, tissues, and organisms, as needed to develop drug-delivery and diagnostic agents, and for environmental health and safety studies of SWCNTs. read more...

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