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The NS3 NanoSpectralyzer®

The NS3 is the most versatile addition to the innovative line of NanoSpectralyzer instruments from Applied NanoFluorescence, LLC. Its modular design allows easy customization to meet specific customer needs for nanomaterial characterization.  In addition to its core function as a sensitive near-IR fluorometer and absorption spectrometer, the NS3 can be configured with any of the following spectral capabilities:

Luminescence measurements

  • Visible emission (450 to 900 nm)
  • Near-IR emission (900 to 1600 nm)
  • Extended near-IR emission (to 1940 nm)
  • Up to five discrete excitation wavelengths from 405 to 830 nm

Absorption measurements

  • UV absorption (210 to 450 nm)
  • Visible absorption (425 to 900 nm)
  • Near-IR absorption (900 to 1600 nm)
  • Extended near-IR absorption (to 1940 nm)

Raman measurements

  • Raman spectra from 150 to 3000 cm-1 shift, with 532 nm excitation
  • Raman spectra from 150 to 3000 cm-1 shift, with 671 nm excitation 

*Our products undergo continuous revision to improve performance and include recent scientific innovations, so instrument and software appearance and options available may change.  Additionally, we are happy to work with you to customize many of our products to address specific application needs. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

  1. NanoSpectralyzer Model Comparison
  2. Specifications
  3. Spectral Plots
NanoSpectralyzer Model Comparison
(S= Standard; O= Optional) NS1 NS2 NS3
Near-IR emission S S S
Near-IR absorption S S S
Visible absorption S S S
Raman (1 laser)   S O
Raman (2 lasers)     O
Visible emission     O
Extended NIR emission O O O
Extended NIR absorption O O O
UV absorption     O
External signal port     O
Laser output port     O
Vertical sample scanning O O O
Reduced sample volume O O O

















NS2 & NS3 NanoSpectralyzer Specifications

Fluorescence excitation laser λ

532, 638, 660, and 785 nm (or customized)

Fluorescence geometry

High numerical aperture epifluorescence

Fluorescence spectral range

900-1600 nm

Near-infrared detector type

512 element TE-cooled InGaAs array

Raman excitation laser λ

532 or 660 nm (select when ordering)

Raman spectral range

150 to 3000 cm-1 shift

Raman spectral resolution

6 cm-1 

Raman detector type

2048 pixel TE-cooled Si CCD

Absorption light source

Stabilized tungsten-halogen lamp

Absorption spectral range

425-1600 nm

Absorption spectral resolution

6 nm (NIR), 1 nm (vis)

Absorption ceiling

3 AU (NIR and vis)

Visible detector type

2048 pixel Si CCD

Absorbance noise (rms), NIR

< 2 x 10-4 AU at 0 AU for 10 s integration

Absorbance noise (rms), visible

< 5 x 10-4 AU at 0 AU for 10 s integration

Minimum sample volume

120 μL (or 50 μL , optional)

Data acquisition time (typical)

2 minutes for full set of spectra

Power consumption

75 W (excluding computer)

Main Optical Module dimensions

 18.5" W x 22" D x 7" H      (470 x 560 x 180 mm)

System weight

50 lbs/23 kg (excluding computer)


Included in base NS3 System:

Near-infrared fluorescence spectrum (900-1600 nm)

with five excitation lasers

 Near-infrared absorption spectrum (900-1600 nm)       


Optional spectroscopy modules:


Visible absorption spectrum (410-900 nm)

Single Raman spectrum (671 nm or 532 excitation laser)


Second Raman spectrum

(671 nm or 532 excitation laser)

Visible fluorescence spectrum

(~450-900 nm, same 5 excitation wavelengths)

Not shown - UV absorption spectroscopy module

*Sample is a single-walled carbon nanotube suspension in H2O for all spectra except visible fluorescence

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