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Applied NanoFluorescence: Product List


NS MiniTracer

  • NEW - The NS MiniTracer is the smallest most affordable member of the NS family, it includes a single wavelength excitation and 900-1600 nm fluorescence range

NS Super NanoSpectralyzer®

A version of our NS3 NanoSpectralyzer that includes a supercontinuum light source for continuously variable visible excitation from 450-850 nm.

NS1 NanoSpectralyzer®

  • NS1 base system: Includes 4 excitation lasers; 900-1600 nm fluorescence and absorption range
  • Visible absorption option: Extends absorption spectral range to 400-1580 nm

NS2 NanoSpectralyzer®

  • NS2 complete system: Includes all functions of NS1 plus visible absorption & Raman spectroscopy (532 or 671 nm)

NS3 NanoSpectralyzer®

  • A customizable, modular NanoSpectralyzer: In addition to its core function as a sensitive short-wave IR fluorometer and absorption spectrometer, the NS3 can be configured with any of the following spectral capabilities:
    • Visible emission, extended SWIR emission, UV absorption, visible absorption, extended SWIR absorption, Raman
    • Up to 5 excitation lasers (405 to 830 nm)


NFM NanoFluorescence Microscope

  • NFM complete system: Specialized optical microscope system that captures high-contrast single-walled carbon nanotube images using each nanotube's intrinsic short-wave infrared fluorescence

LS-n multi-laser light source

  • LS-n system: Compact multi-laser fluorescence excitation source with up to four output wavelengths under computer control

Additional NanoSpectralyzer® Options

  • Vertical sample translation: For rapid, automated fluorescence mapping of DGU centrifuge tubes
  • Reduced sample volume capability: Allows measurements on 50 µL samples
  • Flow cells: Allow spectral monitoring of eluent streams
  • Extra NanoSpectralyze® software license: For spectral data analysis on a stand-alone computer


 ** Demo Test:  For customers considering purchase of a NanoSpectralyzer, we are pleased to run a sample analysis at no charge.

Our products undergo continuous revision to improve performance and include recent scientific innovations, so instrument and software appearance and options available may change.  Additionally, we are happy to work with you to customize many of our products to address specific application needs. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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